One of the most beautiful and rewarding tours in the Cantabrian capital is that covering the most interesting places of Cabo Mayor and Cabo Menor headlands. From the end of El Sardinero up to the Lighthouse, crossing beaches, cliffs and green parks, this route is highly recommended for photography and nature lovers.

Graphic extracted from the Official Visitors Guide Santander

El Chiqui Viewpoint


Avda. Manuel García Lago

At the northern end of El Sardinero, this viewpoint offers a complete panorama of the seafront, which will be better appreciated by the visitor thanks to some signals pointing out and informing of the exact place to look at.

Pedestrian Path


To access the pedestrian path which goes as far as the Lighthouse it is necessary to return to the main road and turn right at the first roundabout, up to the bus stop. There we will find some steps leading to the beginning of the pedestrian path through one of the most beautiful places in the city: Cabo Menor.

Mataleñas Park


Mataleñas Park is located on the road bordering Cabo Menor. This extensive green area is very well kept and has many plants, trees and a spectacular pond. In addition, it has a large playground and the location which is said to have the best view of the Bay of Santander. Sport lovers find here an ideal place to practice it, as at one end of the park there is a 1,200-metre circuit of exercises running parallel to a stream and surrounded by nature.

Molinucos Beach


Mataleñas Park allows direct access to the small and graceful beach of Molinucos. This sandy area is 25 metres long and 5 metres wide and it is completely covered by water in high tide. This beach of fine white sand lacks services.

Cabo Menor


Leaving Molinucos Beach behind and following the pedestrian path we arrive to a viewpoint where one can relax and admire the beautiful view of the cliffs. From this point we can see quite clearly ‘the face of Corocotta’, a famous Cantabrian warrior who commanded the resistance to the Empire of Rome, drawn by the profile of geographical features. This is the furthest point of the coast of Santander.

Mataleñas Golf Course


Avenida del Faro, s/n
☎ Telephone 942 390 247

Right at the back of the viewpoint is Mataleñas Golf Course, one of the first public courses in Spain. Situated in a stunning setting, from the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th holes we can distinguish the beaches of El Sardinero, La Magdalena Palace, the Casino of Santander and the Island of Mouro, and from the 5th and 8th holes, Mataleñas Beach and Cabo Mayor Lighthouse. Its diversity of lands makes it possible for players to use all the clubs.

Mataleñas Beach


Continuing along the pedestrian path we reach the beach of Mataleñas, a nice sandy area which is very popular and has great views of Cabo Menor, and whose steep walls are reached by the sea in days of strong waves.

Forestal Park Ecopark


☎ Telephone 608 117 116
From 10 am to 9.30 pm. 15-20 euro.

After a small descent in the direction of the road, the pine wood of Cabo Mayor appears, where we can find the Forestal Park ecopark, a good option for those who enjoy physical activities or those who travel accompanied by children. Games, zip wires, lianas and nets with the trees as support are the obstacles found in the circuits traced by specialized instructors and involving different levels of difficulty.

Cabo Mayor


Leaving the ecopark by the Faro avenue we arrive at Cabo Mayor headland. On the back of the lighthouse as we walk up, we find the monument dedicated to the Fallen in the Spanish Civil War and a viewpoint from which visitors can look at the beauty of the maritime scenery of Santander, where currents show all their strength and the Cantabrian Sea fights against the cliffs. To the right of the viewpoint there is a door with stairs to descend to the cape and walk up to its end.

Cabo Mayor Lighthouse


With more than 30 metres in height, Cabo Mayor Lighthouse is the most important in Cantabria and its light at night can be seen 21 miles away. It was erected in 1930 on the same place where, in the distant past, signals were sent to ships using flags during the day and big fires at night. This maritime infrastructure stopped being inhabited by lighthouse keepers in 2005, due to the advance of technology.
Today this building, one of the most striking and magnetic in the city, combines its technical function with the artistic spread.

Cabo Mayor Lighthouse Art Centre


Art Centre specializing in the lighthouse icon and its symbolism, inspiring artists throughout history. The pieces it contains are, most of them, fruit of the research work developed by painter Eduardo Sanz, who toured the Spanish coast in search of lighthouses and lighthouse keepers and donated his private collection for public exhibition. Apart from paintings, this art centre hosts a collection of objects with the lighthouse icon as leitmotiv and an exhibition with works by other artists on this symbol.

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