Santander can boast of possessing an intense cultural activity, recognized internationally, which has its highest expression in the Santander International Festival, the popular FIS hallmark of Santander summer, meeting with the Academy of Music and the now classic and activities Cultural International University Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP).

Music, theater, poetry or dance flood the city during the summer months, but also throughout the year, thanks to the hard work of the Creative Santander Foundation, which helps to meet the cultural demands of residents and visitors. Santander also has an excellent cultural where to find all events in any artistic discipline by date, programmer or cultural space.

In Santander the culture is at street level. The center of the city culture has created a ring around a network of museums that weaves the space, offering a diverse range, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santander and Cantabria (MORE), the Maritime Museum of Cantabria (MMC), the Museum of Prehistory, the cathedral or the Interpretation Center of the Ancient Springs Santander.

With them, the modern and avant-garde Exhibition becomes a perfect partner to hold cultural activities such as Art Santander, which is held every year in July.