Santander is a fairly accessible city and its greatest charm resides in its own physiognomy and scenery, so the best way to get to know it is on foot. As in any capital city, traffic gets slow at rush hours and the city centre is a blue zone, which means that parking costs money. Therefore, the most advisable thing to do is to park the vehicle or to use it only to get to the areas of El Sardinero, Cabo Mayor and the North Coastline. In any case, every point of the city can be reached using the different means of transport put at your disposal.


Transportes Urbanos de Santander (TUS) has 23 regular lines and three night lines covering the entire city. The ticket is free for children under four years and it amounts to 1.20 euro for people over that age.

All information on urban transport is on the following website:


Minimum fares are 3.60 euro in the daytime service from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 10 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm. The fare of 4.60 euro is applied at night from Monday to Friday from 10 pm to 6 am, and on Saturday from 0 to 8 am and from 3 to 12 pm for those routes within the city. The minimum long-distance fare in the daytime is 2.83 euro, whereas it is 3.07 euro at night. The service to the airport has a surcharge of 6.42 euro.

Teletaxi 942 369 191
Radiotaxi Santander 942 333 333

Taxi Ranks:
Ayuntamiento C/ Francisco de Quevedo,
Banco de Santander Paseo de Pereda, 22
Bellini General Dávila, 312
Casino Plaza de Italia, s/n (El Sardinero)
Cazoña Plaza Manuel Llano, s/n
Correos C/ Calvo Sotelo, 16
Cuatro Caminos C/ Vargas, 75
Cueto C/ José María González-Trevilla, 7
El Corte Inglés C.C. Bahía de Santander. (Nueva Montaña)
El Empalme El Empalme, s/n (Peñacastillo)
Estación de Autobuses C/ Navas de Tolosa, s/n
Estación de Renfe C/ Atilano Rodríguez, s/n
Feygón C/ Gregorio Marañón, s/n
Gándara General Dávila, 35
Jesús de Monasterio C/ Jesús de Monasterio, 24
La Magdalena Avda. de La Magdalena, s/n
Lonja C/ Marqués de la Hermida, 66
Los Ciruelos C/ Los Ciruelos, 31 (El Alisal)
Mercedarias General Dávila, 266
Miranda General Dávila, 1
Monte C/ Repuente, 17
Numancia C/ Vargas, 17
Perines C/ Vargas, 57
Puertochico C/ General Mola, 66
Residencia Cantabria Avda. Cardenal Herrera Oria, s/n
Río de la Pila Plaza del Río de la Pila, s/n
Salesianos General Dávila, 138
San Martín Avenida Reina Victoria, 35
Valdecilla Sur


There is a growing number of cities that offer their citizens the chance of getting around the city by bike. Santander incorporates this modern initiative by offering citizens and visitors a total of 200 bicycles, distributed in 15 stations, located in different parts of the city.
To use this service on a temporary basis (there are annual subscriptions) it is necessary to have a credit or debit card. The user undertakes to return the bike to its place and within the stipulated periods of use, accepting in advance that any violation of this obligation shall give right to charge 150 euro. In the event of theft, disappearance or petty larceny of the bike, the economic sanction charged to the citizen amounts to 150 euro.
The Tusbic weekly ticket costs 5 euro and the day ticket is 1 euro. When registering for a short-duration weekly ticket, the holder authorizes a withholding of 150 euro as deposit, with a limited duration. This deposit will be refunded once the validity of the subscription has expired, provided that the bike is returned in perfect condition.

Tusbic stations:
• Parque Las Llamas
• 2ª Playa del Sardinero(Mesones)
• Plaza Brisas
• Plaza de Delfines
• Facultad Derecho
• Plaza de Ciencia
• Plaza de Italia
• La Magdalena
• San Martín
• Jardines de Pereda
• C/ Atilano Rodríguez-Pz.Estaciones
• Pz. Numancia-Alameda
• C/ Alta. Junto a Mercadode México
• Puertochico.

Underground Car Parks

The underground car parks in the city are the following ones:

Parking de Alfonso XIII
C/ Alfonso XIII, s/n
( 942 365 473
Parking de Cachavas
C/ Calderón de la Barca, s/n
( 942 362 277
Parking de Pombo
Plaza Pombo, s/n
( 942 214 946
Parking de Jesús de Monasterio
C/ Jesús de Monasterio, s/n
( 942 373 645
Parking del Ayuntamiento Plaza del Ayuntamiento
( 942 313 120
Parking del Mercado de México
Plaza México, s/n
( 942 345 358
Parking de Numancia
Plaza Numancia, s/n
( 942 230 334
Parking del Mercado de la Esperanza
Plaza de la Esperanza
( 942 210 211
Parking de Valdecilla
Avda. Valdecilla, s/n
( 942 322 647
Aparcamiento Puertochico
C/ Castelar 13
( 942 314 658

Campsites in Santander

Camping Cabo Mayor
Avenida del Faro, 19
( 942 391 542
GPS 43.48795 / -3.79222

Camping Virgen del Mar
San Román-Corbán, s/n
( 942 342 425
GPS 43.47302 / -3.87412

Motor Homes

If you come to Santander driving a motor home, a good option is to use the special car park located in Nueva Montaña, a town annexed to Santander. The location of the special area for motor homes is close to El Corte Inglés, a petrol station, a taxi rank and a Feve halt, from which you will reach the city centre in just a few minutes.
You will also find quality accommodation in one of the campsites of the city, located in places of high landscape quality and with good connections to the main tourist centres.