Program of Voluntary Ambassadors for Santander

In general terms it deals with a gratitude and appreciation gesture to the people from Santander who, living abroad, fly the flag and promote the city encouraging their people around to visit us. And also those foreign entepreneurs that are looking for cooperation with companies from Cantabria or, for example, to organise business meetings in Santander. From this condition, this task is required to be supported by giving them tools to improve this promotion.

General Goals

To  promote Santander, abroad and in Spain, as a tourist destination thanks to the generous collaboration of people from Santander living outside and also these people linked to the city.

Specific Goals 

  • Express gratitude for what people carelessly do without any appreciation or return from the city.
  • Assert the human capital generated in the city.
  • Use the mouth to mouth and promotion made by people who really know the city as the reliable means facing other strategies.
  • Add a view of Santander from abroad to the management of the tourist sector.
  • To count on the ambassadors´ contribution to organize or participate on the organization of promotions in their places of residence.
  • Research for new opportunities for tourism, congresses, entrepreneurs, institutions.


  • Born in Santander but living abroad, people with a strong link with the city.
  • Written consent with personal details and permission to use them exclusively in this initiative and for the goals of the Ambassadors Program; and also a consent to share their personal details among them like their telephone numbers and e-mails to create a communication network between them and the Council.
  • Accept norms and conditions of the Ambassadors Program.
  • Provide the Tourist Councillor of Santander with a recent personal photograph and an updated CV.

Ambassadors Rights:

  • Be accurately informed on the latest news of the city with advertising, books, posters, maps, guidebooks, etc. The tourist Office of the Council of Santander will send this information.
  • Specific personal and institutional assistance provided from the Tourist Office of the Council of Santander to the ambassadors so that they can plan trips for groups of people who intend to come to the city (information of activities, contact information, etc.)
  • Free guided visits to the new facilities of Santander so they can broadcast fist hand the news and experiences offered in Santander (the Council will provide ambassadors two visiting days according to availability and schedule).
  • Belong to a group of people who share this compromise with their city so that a small network of contact details of ambassadors is created.
  • Assist to a small institutional reception on Christmas time with the local authorities to appreciate the task made. This reception will be organised by the protocol and institutional relationships department of the Council of Santander.

Duties of the Ambassadors:

  • Be proactive in their environment to promote Santander as the tourist destination or as the professional meeting place for any field.
  • Refer proposals to Council of Santander that help to promote the city abroad.
  • Be informed of the city´s news to have the most accurate view of the city´s strong points and opportunities to offer.
  • Inform about any change in the place of living.

Development proposals:

  • World map to settle the living places of the ambassadors added to the program.
  • Creation of the ambassadors card with a public hand over ceremony.
  • Communication network between the group of ambassadors and the city councillor.
  • This network is expected to be for 100 ambassadors at the most, but in case of overtaking the current basis may be revised.