In Santander there are three main nightlife areas:

Calle Vargas and Calle San Fernando Area

In this area people usually have some “tapas” for dinner and afterwards have their first drinks of the night in the surrounding area of Calle Vargas and Calle San Luis, before heading to Cañadío area and surroundings.

Cañadío area and surroundings

Plaza de Cañadío (Cañadío Square) is the most popular nightlife area. Near this square, you can also find Calle Río de la Pila, an alternative area where you can find places to eat and drink.


This area is quite busy mainly during the summer. There are lots of terraces and ice-cream shops that will make your night delightful.

The surroundings of Cañadío are demarcated by a dotted line on the tourist map.